Temples of Tamil Nadu – The Ever Beautiful Ones

Needless to saythe architectural beauty of Tamil Nadu’s temples is simply’Extra Ordinary’. The beauty of this country reveals it self attractively from the architecture of its temples, which are internationally renowned. The timeless setting of the temples are the delight of their tourists all over the environment. This art form of their country speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of these people of this era. The list of these temples at their country is apparently endless. Each city and town of Tamil Nadu includes its own share of temples together with ageless legends and beauty. All these temples are a wonderful testimony into this rich cultural heritage of South India thirukadaiyur temple.

Situated in Madurai, the Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple is your landmark of Tamil Nadu. The attractiveness and grandeur with this Temple render onlookers in amazement inspiring. Built in the seventeenth century, also it’s dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Held in high respect from the Hindus, the temple boasts of complex carvings, life size figurines, enormous gopurams, the tallest currently being 48 meters in stature, enchanting sculptures, entertaining mandaps, tanks, shrines and gorgeous images of goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. According to the legend that the wedding of Shiv and Parvati was solemnized right here. The anniversary of the deities is celebrated in the temple each year.

Ramanatha Swamy Temple

Occupying a prized spot from the holy city of Rameshwaram, the Ramanatha Swamy Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. Devotees who make a pilgrimage into Banaras come to this temple, even as it is believed that the pilgrimage into Banaras is incomplete without a trip to the holy location. Sprawling over a place of 15 acres, it had been built from the 12th century. The dramatic features of the temple are the own walls adorned with exquisite carvings, 4000 pillars and striking mandapams. The temple gets got the biggest temple hallway in India.

Mahabalipuram Rathas

Breathtakingly stunning, the Mahabalipuram Rathas Temple are monoliths(an obelisk, pillar, sizable statue, etc., formed using one block of stone) along with the influence of the Buddhist Viharas and Chaityas may be observed within their architectural styles. These Rathas temple certainly are a miracle in themselves and so are popularly called the Pancha Pandava Ratha.

Brihadeswawa Temple can be a

Heritage Site seen by tourists from wide and far. Located in the metropolis of Tanjavur, it is a significant pilgrimage of the Hindus. Probably one among the most ancient temples, also the most Brihadeswara Temple is well famous because of its architectural beauty that is astonishing. The temple is still extremely festooned with frescoes from the normal Thanjavur mode of painting. The picture of Nandi bull at the entrance of the temple may be the biggest of its own kind on earth earth.

The temple offers stunning views of the gorgeous environment. Just what a peaceful and blissful environment that the temple gives!

Airavatheeswara Temple Rewarded together with the name of’World Heritage Site’, ” the Airavatheeswara Temple in Dharasuram, 3-4 km from Thanjavur, is now an must-visit temple in the state. Reflecting the Dravidian type of design, the temple is now a tower climbing to 23 m at stature. The hundred-pillared Maha Mandapam as well as the exquisitely carved panels from the temple are still quite remarkable. Prepare a temple tour to Tamil Nadu and have soaked in peace and beauty. The optimal/optimally method to end this report is by using quote of Hap Hagood. “Inside every block of stone and wood, there dwells a soul, waiting to be published. Direct carving is just a means of preventing the soul my own and also that of those wood or stone”.

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